Refrigeration Services

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration needs vary by type needed and the business it’s for.  While smaller commercial coolers might be needed by a florist, a larger more complex system will be needed by a restaurant.  It’s important to know who you can turn to in order to help you and your business make the right decisions when it comes to refrigeration needs.  Salazar Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can help you make the best choice for your business refrigeration needs.

We Install

Once your choice has been made, you can count on us to install your new device as well as remove and dispose of any old equipment.  A new refrigeration system along with maintenance and, if necessary, repair, will keep your business refrigeration needs met.

Walk-in Refrigerators/Freezers

We can meet the refrigeration and, or freezer needs of your business.  If you need a simple set up to keep fresh produce or flowers cool, we can help you.  If you need a large walk-in freezer to keep large amounts of food frozen until it’s ready to cook, we can help you with that also. Whatever your refrigeration or freezer needs are, we can install and maintain your business’ walk-in freezer or refrigerator.

FREON Leak detection

Freon is a cooling agent made up of different chemicals and is used in refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners.  When Freon leaks from a refrigerator or freezer that device loses cooling efficiency.  A Freon leak can also pose health risks.  If you suspect a leak, call and set up an appointment.  We can find the leak, assess the damage and work with you to make the best decision for your business needs.

Refrigerant conversions

If you have the perfect walk-in cooler, but you need more space we can help you with that.  Don’t get rid of your old freezer or refrigerator if it still works well.  Through refrigerant conversions we can upgrade your current device to give you the newer features your system needs.

Removal and Disposal

Need your old equipment hauled away after your conversion?  We can take care of that as well.

New Installation

We help in installation of any size and style of refrigerator making sure your equipment is ready for your business.


Systems can, and do break down, even with the best care.  When that happens we will be there.  We will determine the problem and work with you and your business to find the best repair for the problem.  We won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Preventative Maintenance

A little maintenance can help keep costly future repairs down.  Take the time to schedule some maintenance with us to make sure your refrigeration systems will last and meet your needs.